Consider this the before …

April 3, 2017

jcrew factory trench coat

Consider this the before shot. I started a 21 day cleanse or challenge diet to reset some bad eating habits and drop some weight. Basically it is heavy on vegetables and proteins. Very low to no carbs and some intermittent fasting. So far it has been ok. I like to eat big salads so that isn’t an issue. Grocery shopping for the week while fasting was hard that is for sure. 

I am excited to try some new recipes. Ones that hopefully once mastered we can incorporate into our usual dining.

jcrew factory trench coat

One thing that I have enjoyed right away is getting out walking again. The challenge asks for everyone to go for a 30 min walk everyday, but since it was the weekend I made sure to get everyone out for a couple of hikes in the woods in addition to my morning walk.

I will keep you all posted how it is going. Tomorrow it is an only veggie day so it will be a bit tough watching everyone else eat meat and carbs with dinner.

Outfit details: JCREW Trench coat, scarf Club Monaco, grey jeans Banana Republic (old), eyelet top Gap , Everlane Heel Boots.