What to pack in a Carry On

March 27, 2017

what to pack in a carry on

Once I figure out what I am packing for vacation I next focus on what to pack in a carry on. One part entertainment, one part important documents and finally one part airplane comfort goes into packing the perfect carry on bag.

what to pack in a carry on

What to pack in a Carry On

  1. Rimini Stripe Swimsuit – One of the things I always pack in my carry on is an outfit to get me through if my luggage got lost. If I am going somewhere warm this means a swimsuit and a dress. If I am going on a sight seeing vacation it would mean an extra pair of pants and a shirt. Shoes are optional since you would have the shoes you wore on the plane but if you want to pack a pair of light sandals that would work. I try to put all of this (minus the shoes) into a zip lock to that it stays clean and separate from other things I am packing.
  2. Illesteva Cotton Candy Sunglasses – I wear sunglasses all the time. When it is sunny, when it is overcast, when it is raining (keeps the rain off!). So obviously I would be bringing a cool pair of shades. Still it is even more important when you are heading closer to the equator since you can expect the sun to be more intense. They also hide tired eyes if you are out all night!
  3. Sony a5100 16-50mm Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch Flip Up LCD – It is never a good idea to keep valuables in your checked luggage. Which means things like your camera need to go into your carry on luggage. I like my mirrorless camera over my dslr due to its smaller size and weight but I have been known to pack both. I need to invest in something like this to keep my cameras safe.
  4. Water & snacks – While I never pack water from home since the rules after 9/11 I do make sure to buy a large bottle of water for the trip. Staying hydrated just makes air travel that much easier to get over when you hit the tarmac. I also pack some granola bars or other snacks to make it through. In case the plane food is horrible or if there is no food at all.
  5. Passport – It goes without saying that when you leave the country you need to pack your passport. Also depending on where you are going you might need to have a visitors visa on hand as well. I like to have a pouch just for keeping these important documents together. Also pack a pen for filling out all those forms!
  6. Arvok 16 17 17.3 Inch Water-resistant Canvas Fabric Laptop Sleeve With Handle & Zipper Pocket – I said before you want to make sure you keep your valuables on your person while you fly. So that means computers or tablets. I like to have a padded sleeve for my ipad and e readers like this. The larger case is great for a computer that you can pack away when you need to but also pull out easily.
  7. 5200mAh Power Bank, iXCC Ultra Compact Portable Battery While I find airports are getting better it isn’t always the easiest to snag a spot to charge your phone. This is why it is always good to have a portable battery. OR maybe just to get you through the long bus right to the hotel.
  8. Kobo Glo HD – For the last few vacations I have done away with packing novels. I pack a device for me and one for my husband. And these things can carry more books that we can even read. And lets just say you do need to get another book because you have read everything in your library? All you need is a wifi connection.
  9. Open Front Long Cardigan – I see many people dressing for their destination instead of dressing for the plane. Planes are cold. I always have an extra cardigan or cashmere wrap in my carry on so that I can bundle up when we are in the air. I don’t like to carry a coat around if I am headed somewhere warm so I usually just leave that in the car. But if I am heading somewhere where that jacket will come in handy it stays with me for the flight as well. Still coats are bulky whereas a sweater is more comfortable for napping on the flight.

Is this everything on your what to pack in a carry on list? Do you carry your hat or pack it? Scarves are another item I often take on the flight as it can double as a blanket or a pareo when you get where you are going.

The bag that is shown above in the What to Pack in a Carry On graphic is the Lug Cartwheel overnight bag. We have used this on flights a few different times. It is a good size to get when you need in there plus it has a number of unique pockets. Including shoe pockets! Also the straps are perfect for over the shoulder carrying. I also would love to try this or this from Lug I think they would be great for carry on.

  • Darlene Davis MacLean
    March 27, 2017 at 11:04 am

    Great ideas! I usually put my wallet and my meds in my carry-on/tote as well because I don’t like to carry a purse on top of a carry-on. So I pack a small crossover purse in my luggage for use on my trip and a folded up beach tote, which doubles as a beach bag and if I buy too many things I can put it into use as a carry-on because my original carry-on/tote is still acting as my purse. I hope that makes sense.

    • jane@chiceverywhere.com
      March 27, 2017 at 11:09 am

      Great tips! I actually don’t take my full wallet with me when I travel. Just a few choice pieces of id and relevant cards. I usually put these items in a small clutch or cross-body bag as you said.

      • Darlene Davis MacLean
        March 27, 2017 at 10:21 pm

        Yes, me too. Driver’s licence, health card, health insurance card, who to contact card, debit card and credit card. And I don’t use a good wallet, just a cheaper one.
        I like your idea of snacks since they don’t feed you on a plane any longer!