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Everlane The Relaxed Silk Shirt Review

March 16, 2017

everlane the relaxed silk shirt review

I have never really understood the pull of a great silk shirt. I have had a few silk shirts and they were ok. But they were also thin and cold and not as luxurious as I was lead to believe. Turns out I was buying the wrong silk shirt. Everlane’s relaxed silk shirt is so much better (sent from Everlane to review). It is thicker, silkier and doesn’t come with a triple digit price tag. This is my Everlane The Relaxed Silk Shirt Review.

everlane the relaxed silk shirt review

Everlane The Relaxed Silk Shirt Review

The relaxed silk shirt by Everlane has a similar fit to Banana Republic’s Dillion fit shirts. But I actually feel bad comparing this shirt to something I pick up at Banana because the quality is so much better. I know this because I have a silk shirt from Banana Republic that just sits in my closet because aside from a cute scallop detail it is too sheer and too thin to want to wear regularly. This Everlane silk stripe shirt is off white and of enough thickness to wear without a camisole.

The relaxed fit is also excellent for someone with a C-cup or larger. The buttons are not pulling in fact the shirt fit is quite flattering.

The length is great too. I personally like to be able to layer my shirts and not have them disappear under the top layer. This shirt is long enough to have the shirt tails show and add some visual interest to your outfit.

I think the relaxed silk shirt is a good option for curvy girls even if on the shorter side. I didn’t find the length too long and fitting across the chest is extremely important. No one wants their shirts tugging and pulling!

The fit is nice in the shoulders too which is more than I can say for the boxy stripe shirt I also have from Everlane. It is the risk you run when fitting your chest over other parts of your body.

everlane the relaxed silk shirt review

While I can speak to why I would pay a bit more than cheap silks for an Everlane silk shirt I have to share antecdotal evidence as to why Everlane is just as or almost as good as top quality silks. Other reviews I have read say Everlane is just as good as Equipment which is more than twice the price.

I am so impressed by this shirt after such a short period of time I am already planning the other styles I want to order. I love this other stripe option an this pale pink is so pretty!

What do you think of Everlane the Relaxed Silk Shirt Review? Is it a shirt you are going to try?

  • Darlene Davis MacLean
    March 16, 2017 at 9:57 am

    It’s a beautiful looking shirt and I love the fact that it has a generous fit in the bust. However, when I looked it up, it seems to only go to sz. 12. 🙁

    • jane@chiceverywhere.com
      March 16, 2017 at 10:39 am

      Yes unfortunately they don’t have an extended size range. In fact they just transitioned to number sizing on these shirts from small medium large. Which I think does give a better range of fit but if you are size 14 or larger unfortunately Everlane shirts are not going to give you the size you need.