Hunter Original Biker Boots Review

February 26, 2017

Hunter Original Biker Boot Review

I have been a bit MIA from this blog throughout early February. With a heavier work load at my day job, dog sitting and a cold that seemed to go on for close to three weeks the blog just was at the bottom of the priority pile. Lately however the weather has warmed up a bit and getting outside more has been the key to turning everything around. I thought since we are having more spring like weather that it was time to share my Hunter Original Biker Boots Review. 

Hunter Original Biker Boots Review

I remember the first time I tried on a pair of Hunter rain boots. Back when they first seemed to be the cool IT rain boot in North America. I wondered who on earth did these boots fit? They were too tall and too narrow for my short legs. Since then of course there have been so many different styles added to the Hunter collection. The Huntress, shorter styles, adjustable calf styles all provide options for those of use with calf muscles and shorter legs. I personally decided upon the Hunter Original Biker Boot, but even there are a number of different styles of these. There is also a short Moto style (has more of a rainboot look) and the Hunter Shoreditch style that has pulls for easy on and off.

Hunter Original Biker Boots Review

Hunter Original Biker Boots Review:

What I like about these Hunter Boots is that they don’t look like rain boots. They really do look like a biker boot. There is a bit of a heel and they feel quite substantial. Definitely a quality rain boot unlike the cheap pairs I have picked up elsewhere. They are short enough that I don’t have any fit issues, but also tall enough that if I go walking in the woods I feel protected.

The one drawback is that they are a bit awkward to drive in. Otherwise I recommend these boots. They are a cool option for someone who wants a rain boot but doesn’t want the look of a rain boot. Or if you want to invest in a quality boot but the Original Hunter boots just don’t fit your body shape.

Hunter Original Biker Boots Review

If you are looking for a rain boot to take on vacation I would advise against this style. They are heavy so unless you are wearing them on the plane they are going to add some serious weight to your luggage. Pick something lightweight instead like these or these.

Hunter Original Biker Boots Review

Outfit details: Trench Coat JCREW, Boots Hunter, denim & long sleeve top Banana Republic, scarf Aritzia, bag Foley & Corinna.

What do you think of this Hunter Boot Style? Do you like the more edgy biker boot look or do you prefer the traditional Hunter boot style?