What to pack for Europe in Spring

January 24, 2017

While right now everyone is dreaming of sunny beaches in a few months Europe is going to look like the perfect vacation. Soaking up culture and famous skylines. Travelling to Europe in spring and fall is desirable not just for the temperatures but also for the prices. Off season is the best season if you are looking for affordable travel. This is what to pack for Europe in Spring.

what to pack for Europe in spring

What to pack for Europe in Spring

  1. Leather biker jacket – leather jackets are my transition season not so secret weapon. They are warm but still look cool. This brown colour is much softer looking than the traditional black.
  2. Cashmere turtleneck sweater – I don’t care when you are travelling it has become my motto to always pack a sweater. Even if you only wear it when you are on the plane it will come in handy. I love this camel colour it pairs well with pretty much everything.
  3. Mid rise destructed vintage straight jeans – dark denim is a great base for any outfit. These destroyed denim have a cool girl vibe but you can’t go wrong with something like this either.
  4. Janiber Floral Scarf – much like my theory of always packing a sweater you can’t go wrong packing a scarf. They finish off an outfit and add warmth when you need it.
  5. Rain coat with hood – When I started preparing this what to pack for Europe in spring list I was thinking about London. Which ironically might soon not be considered part of Europe. But I digress. The idea is that during spring in London rain is pretty much a given and so a cute rain coat is something that should be packed so that you can still maximize your sightseeing days.
  6. Striped boatneck T-shirt – you can’t go wrong with a stripe top. It will easily layer under everything in this list.
  7. 10″ High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Carbondale Wash – black jeans are a great substitute for a black trouser when travelling. They read a bit more polished than traditional blue denim but still have a cool girl edge.
  8. Hat Attack Chandisse Hat – I like the idea of packing a hat for a number of reasons. Keeping warm, covering up a bad hair day and keeping rain off my face. Even keeping out of the sun.
  9. Loeffler Randall Dome Satchel – while I would keep my important papers hidden away you still need a bag to carry things hile you are out for the day. Whether it is guide books or snacks or some spending money. I love the tassel on this one!
  10. adidas Originals Navy Suede Gazelle Unisex Trainers – cool sneakers are a must pack when you are taking a vacation that involves pounding the pavement walking to see ancient churches and museums and more. I also love them in pink!
  11. Long Sleeve Modal Crew – I have two of these tops and I want to order more in more colours. They are the perfect layering top. The kind of basic top that works really well when you are travelling.
  12. Wool Blend Coat – depending on what country you are visiting in Europe it might still be cool in the spring much like Canada. Others you might want to ditch the coat for shorts.
  13. Jersey tops – while long sleeves are still practical during the transition months you might want to pack t-shirts as well to layer under sweaters or to wear bare armed while it is warm.
  14. ‘Yale’ Chelsea Boot – I own these boots and wear them regularly. They are easy to walk in all day long so a great travel pick. The heel is low so not something that is going to cause any pain.
  15. Auto Open Stick Clear Dome Umbrella – I have a bird cage umbrella similar to this that I get complimented on regularly. Not only does it look good but it also allows you to pull it right down when it is raining but also still see where you are going. This is really important when you are wandering around in an unknown city.
  16. Midsund’ Rain Boot – If you are travelling somewhere that you know you might have a full day of rain and you still want to get your sight seeing done packing rain boots might be a huge saving grace. Nothing makes people more miserable than feeling wet.
  17. Leonard Sunglasses – I don’t go anywhere without wearing my sunglasses. So taking them on vacation is a must.
  18. ASOS Supersoft Long Woven Scarf with Tassels – What can I say? I like scarves. But packing an extra scarf or two allows you to switch up your look without bringing lots of excess clothing.

Are you travelling to Europe this spring? What else would you pack. Obviously underwear and socks and  your carry on are a must. Toiletries too. Otherwise there should be enough mixing and matching allowed with this travel capsule wardrobe to survive a week in Europe. You might want to have one other outfit dedicated as your airport outfit to your what to pack for Europe in Spring packing list, but otherwise I think this would do rather nicely to tour Europe this spring.