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50’s Prime Time Cafe Review

January 23, 2017

Comfort food. Sometimes all you want after a long day at the parks is a good meal at home. That is kind of the idea of the idea of of Disney Hollywood Studios 50’s Prime Time Cafe. Only it is set in the 1950’s and mom will tell you to get you elbows off the table. Be prepared to clear your plate and not just because the cast members expect it of you. The food is that good folks. This is my 50’s Prime Time Cafe Review.

50s prime time cafe review, disney food reviews

We had some varied experiences eating at Disney. From over priced buffets to last minute choices to options at Disney Springs. Most of the choices were just ok. Not bad. Not the best meal ever. Ok. Food was good. But nothing to write home about. Atmosphere is what most Disney dining options offered above all else.

We went to Disney Hollywood Studios near the end of our Florida vacation. The idea of comfort food sounded really good after a week of eating out at various restaurants and too many pb and js to mention for lunches.

We had a reservation but this restaurant was packed. Even for an early dinner at around 4 pm. We waited on some mid century couches until we heard our names called.

The cast members really get into character at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. You aren’t a party you are part of the family. And you are going to eat in Mom’s kitschy kitchen.

50's prime time cafe review

The decor is on point. Everything screams the 1950’s. Even the way we were asked to set the table for mom and to make sure we cleaned our plates and keep our elbows off the table.

My husband and I got the joke, our kids were a little on edge because they didn’t understand why they were getting bossed around by the server. Still they helped set the table and did the same activity sheet they got at every other Disney restaurant.

50's prime time cafe review, fried chicken

As much as the atmosphere is fun at this Disney restaurant, the food is the real star of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. I ordered the fried chicken and it was amazing. Might even go up there as the best fried chicken I have ever had. The portions were huge and yet I couldn’t stop eating the chicken. I did show some restraint and saved one of the three pieces but it was eaten promptly the next day.

50's prime time cafe review

My husband had the old fashioned pot roast and as you can see from the picture above snapped not long after getting our plates was very good as well.

Both my husband and I agreed that the food here was the best we had had at a week of Disney restaurants. In comparison it wasn’t the fancy international flavours that were a hit but the good home cooking that mom used to make that hit the spot.

Our kids weren’t as impressed by the home cooking. Probably because they don’t know what is involved with creating these finger licking meals. Still their chicken bites were mini versions of the fried chicken. The fries were nothing special. Of all the items I would have loved to see some chip truck fries but what they really enjoyed was the ice cream at the end with the Mickey sprinkles.

50's prime time cafe review

Of all the places we at at Walt Disney World the 50’s Prime Time Cafe is one I will make sure to book again. Hollywood studios is going to become a more popular park as it is expanded with all the Star Wars themed rides. Star Wars and Toy Story are already a big pull for attending this park but I think as it gets bigger it will be even more desirable. Now with the expansion there are sure to be more restaurant options still I will make sure to book the 50’s Prime Time Cafe again just to order the friend chicken.

What do you think of the 50’s Prime Time Cafe review? Is this somewhere you will be booking for your next Disney vacation?

  • Angela
    January 23, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    I am toying booking Prime Time Cafe for our next trip. I am getting close to booking my ADR’s so it’s definitely one to think about.

      January 23, 2017 at 3:56 pm

      I would highly recommend just for the fried chicken. Supposedly the milk shakes are to die for – I wish I had of known that and I would have ordered one of those too. So much of Disney’s food is meh but expensive this was a great choice for not crazy prices and really good food.