2017 Travel Bucket List

January 7, 2017

I have a few draft posts in the works and I can’t seem to finish as I am distracted. It is that time of year when I work all week and daydream about where we can go once busy season is over. I can’t travel until May due to my day job so I spend January to April refining my 2017 Travel Bucket List. 2017 travel bucket list

2017 Travel Bucket List

  1. London, England – This is the year to go as the pound has taken a beating against most other currencies after the Brexit vote. In fact I am convinced we will see some more depreciation of the pound as the Brexit proceedings truly start. It seems like it would be a waste not to take advantage of increased spending power of the dollar. In fact it makes all of the UK a must visit but lets start with London. I would love to see Notting Hill, visit some real life Harry Potter locations and check out the London Eye. And lets face it that does not even begin to capture all the things to do and see in London.
  2. Prague, Czech Republicthis city has been on my bucket list for a long time. While I have done some travelling in western Europe, (France, Italy & Spain), I haven’t been to central Europe at all. I have pinning images of this city like crazy to my Dream Vacations board and I am sure you can see why. All the architecture makes Prague look like something out of a fairy tale. I want to walk the Charles Bridge, visit Prague Castle and see the John Lennon wall. More things to do here.
  3. Budapest, Hungary – This central European city is on my Bucket list along with Prague. In fact before we planned to go to Disney last fall we had originally planned to do a tour of Vienna, Budapest and Prague. Plans changed but I have this back on my list to visit. Budapest is supposed to be more beautiful than Paris! And if that isn’t reason enough to go I want to see Buda Castle, walk from Buda to Pest, and visit St. Istvans Bascilica.
  4. Quebec City, Canada – So I will be honest it is unlikely that I will get to go to London and do a central European tour. It will likely be one or the other in 2017. But I can spend some time touring around in Canada. In fact Canada has topped a number of different must travel lists this year. Including one from the New York Times and the Lonely Planet. I am not sure if the reason is because Canada turns 150 this year or because our dollar is in the toilet. Either way it also makes travelling at home appealing for Canadians. While I have visited Vancouver and parts of Quebec around Mout Tremblant, I haven’t seen much more of this country of mine. Quebec City tops my must visit list because it has a very European feel and it is only a days drive away.
  5. Caribbean – A last minute all inclusive vacation is always on my travel Bucket list. I would go back to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera in a heartbeat. I am also interested in checking out some islands we have never been to before. Barbados, Aruba and Anguilla top my list of islands to see. Heck I would even pack my bags and go to Cuba for some relaxation in the sun.

2017 travel bucket list

What is on your 2017 Travel Bucket list?