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Everlane Cashmere Review

January 4, 2017

everlane cashmere review

Everlane did something this fall that most retailers would never do. Then again Everlane is not most retailers. They dropped the price of their cashmere sweaters from $125 to $100. This is in line with their transparent pricing model because they were able to source their cashmere for less they passed the savings onto their customers as well. I thought this was the best time to snap up and try out one of the Everlane Cashmere Crew sweaters. This is my Everlane Cashmere Review. 

everlane cashmere review

Everlane Cashmere Review:

I have had a few cashmere sweaters over the years from JCREW and from Winners. Even hand one from Joe Fresh. One of my pet peeves with all of these cashmere sweaters is that you sacrifice pilling for price. So far the Everlane cashmere sweater has had pilling only under the arms. Considering this is somewhere there is quite a bit of friction it is not surprising.

The reason cashmere gets so much love is the softness. The Everlane cashmere is soft without being too soft. I find that the cheaper cashmere might be softer at first but that is why it pills so much. This sweater feels like it has more structural integrity.

everlane cashmere review

The fit is advertised as relaxed but I would say that would only be true if you have no curves. For me it is more of a classic straight fit without being too slim. I am wearing a large and unfortunately there is no extra large sizing. So if you are a size 10 or larger understand that this will not be a relaxed boyfriend fit sweater and you can not size up to get some extra room.

I would like Everlane to do a true boyfriend fit cashmere sweater and not one that is cropped and boxy. That seems to be their go to but they cut the cropped sweaters so short that anyone with boobs will very silly. I love the idea of this cashmere square crew but I wold like it to be longer so that it would flatter more body types.

everlane cashmere review

The one feature I love about this cashmere crew are the extra long cuffs. They are great for keeping warm when everything else seems to come up too short. The cuffs are knit nice and snug to the arm too which means instead of needing to roll the cuffs you can just shove them up to wear it suits.

I think for $100 this cashmere sweater is really good value. I have been able to get cashmere on sale for less from JCREW but I think this is better quality. The sweater is thicker than what I have had in the past and as such much warmer. If you are on the fence as to whether you should take advantage of the $100 cashmere from Everlane I would say go for it you are getting a quality cashmere sweater.