The Makeup Eraser Review

October 3, 2016

the make up eraser review

While I like to play with makeup taking it off at the end of the day can be such a chore. Especially around the eyes. I love layering on the mascara when I do my makeup and that can leave raccoon eyes if not taken off completely. Make up remover makes taking makeup off much easier, but it means you always need to have it on hand. What happens when you run out? For me it means I suffer through just using soap which can mean stinging eyes. 

The Makeup Eraser Review

Since I never seem to be able to keep eye makeup remover on hand I decided to give the Makeup Eraser a try. This microfiber cloth promises you just need to add water to completely clear your face of makeup. While a regular facecloth can do a good job of cleansing my face it does a terrible job of my eyes, especially with just water.

washing face with washcloth make up removal

As you can see I used a facecloth to remove my makeup around one eye. While it did take off some of the eye shadow it left a black smudgey mess. In the past I would have tried and tired to get rid off the leftover mascara. Then I would try to use soap without getting it in my eyes and would of course get it in my eyes and give up.

the makeup eraser review

Here you can see both eyes after I used the Makeup Eraser on the other eye. NO smudgey left over mascara. The microfiber seems to be able to pull the makeup off your face without leaving layers behind. I find because you are just using water you can use the Makeup Eraser right up to the waterline of your undereye and really clean the makeup off.

The Makeup Eraser is not just for eye makeup but I find this is where it really shines. I personally like to use my regular face cloth with soap for the first layer of cleaning, keeping the soap away from my eyes. Once I am done with my regular face cloth I use the Makeup Eraser to spot clean anywhere the makeup is stubborn and smudgey or extra sensitive.

The Makeup Eraser definitely works. And you can stop buying expensive eye makeup removers or wipes all together once you get one of these cloths. Sephora has their own knock off that also has great reviews and works in the same way.

What do you think of the Makeup Eraser review? Would you try one out for yourself?