3 products to eliminate neck pimples

July 23, 2014

I have a confession to make. For the past 5 years I have been battling neck pimples.

It all goes back to when I first got pregnant with my daughter. No matter what I did I just didn’t have clear skin. It was all the hormones.

One of the places that broke out that I had never dealt with before (who knew I would have NEW acne problems at 30 years old!) was pimples on my jawline and neck.

Some people said it was from dirty cell phones (but I don’t talk on my cell phone THAT much) or dirty pillow cases (changing a pillow case was only a mild reprieve). I chalked the scenario up to hormones and drove on.

Between babies my skin cleared a bit but not to the degree I felt like I had good skin. And I kept getting breakouts on my neck and jawline.

Getting pregnant with my son didn’t help my skin (pregnancy hormones again) and now he is 2 and I feel like my skin could be so much better. I wasn’t getting breakouts like a teenager, but my skin wasn’t exactly clear either. I tended to use acne prone skin care and it would help me from having REALLY bad skin but not to get REALLY great skin.

Until I went to the Lush Fresh Cosmetics 200th store opening a Yorkdale. I was lucky to be introduced to some new products that have totally changed my skin, especially eliminating the pimples on my jaw and neck. Finally.

skin care for neck pimples, pimples on jawlineTwo of these products are new, one I have mentioned on this blog before (here). They make up my new skincare ritual that has dramatically changed my skin for the better. Many products I have tried before have been good. But none are better than these.

The first is a new product to Lush, the Parsley Porridge soap bar. This soap is super gentle but has things like parsley, aloe & tea tree oil. In fact this and the Tea Tree Water in step 3 , are the first Tea Tree Oil products that make me feel like they live up to the Tea Tree oil hype. I start with this soap to gently clean my skin.

Step two is not something I do everyday. Buy when my skin feels particularly oily or grimy or I feel like I am reliving my teen years through my face, I use this mask. On it’s own it is a fantastic product that deep cleans and shrinks pores and feels like you have gone to a spa even though you are at home in your bathroom. I often use this as a spot treatment on particularly painful under the skin pimples.

If your skin is particularly troublesome use step two more often. I personally try to use this once or twice a week.

Step Three is my favourite. The Lush Tea Tree Water is my little miracle product. It is the ONE THING more than any other has contributed to eliminating my pimples, especially those on my neck and jawline. It has quickly become something that will be in my bathroom continually.

When I first realized this combination was giving me better results I was using it morning and night. I should say step 1 & 3. As I mentioned above I do not use the clay mask every day as it would be too harsh on the skin this often.

But now that I have fallen into my old habits (that is falling into bed without much thought about washing my face) I am happy to say that my skin is still clear and doesn’t require as intensive treatment.

I am so happy that I feel like I finally have MY skin back.

Have you tried any Lush products?