5 ways to make your workout more Enjoyable

July 2, 2014

I am back on the workout train. I fell off around last November and couldn’t seem to get motivated all winter or spring. Which has led me right back to where I was the previous spring when I set a goal to shed the pounds.

You see I am not someone who hates to exercise but I am super lazy when not motivated. I would rather read a book or watch a movie. But that just isn’t cutting it so I am making some changes. Again. And hoping to find a way to stick with it for longer than 4 months at a time.

So this post might be more for myself than it is for you because I can really use

5 ways to make your Workout more Enjoyable

5 ways to make your workout more enjoyable, make fitness fun

1. The clothes make the Workout

So this is a style blog so obviously I am going to say that new workout clothes are going to make your workout more fun right?! Well hear me out.

If you feel like it is harder than ever to get to the gym cute workout gear might just be the thing you need to get out of your funk. Because for one you are going to want to wear that cute workout wear and we only wear this stuff to work out right? And two, it might be hard to separate how working out went the last time, or how you have gained all the weight back if you are putting the same old clothes on, mentally putting you back to that not so successful place. A new outfit might just be exactly what you need to get motivated.

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2. Set small but regular goals

Everyone feels better about the path they are on when they can see success right? I mean who doesn’t like checking off a to do list? Setting long term goals are great but  breaking that goal down into achievable chunks makes that big goal less daunting. Want to shed 30 pounds over the next year? Split that up into quarters, or even smaller monthly goals.

I have also gone ahead and put some motivational reminders to keep my eye on the prize in my planner. My goal? To be a fabulous, slimmed down version of myself by next may, when we are heading away for a friends wedding.

3. Pump up the volume

Music makes everything more enjoyable doesn’t it?! I tend to do workout tapes which already has music built in but it isn’t as much fun as listening to my favourite tunes. My plan to make my workouts that much more fun? Turn down the volume on the workout I have seen a bunch of times already and turn up my favourite songs right now.

4. Stick with what you like

I don’t like running. Never have. Kudos to you if you can run, well anywhere. I decided this time around in addition to doing my Jillian Michaels tapes I was going to stick with activities I like to do; biking, roller blading and even skiing throughout the winter months. This way I don’t dread working out but find it fun and easy to get excited about.

5. Try something new

Ok, so how do you stick with what you like AND try something new? Well you never know if you are going to like something if you don’t try it. And the same old, same old workout can be boring after a while. So shake things up. Give something a chance. If it really isn’t working for you, then stop. Go back to what was working or try try again.

I have already set a goal for myself this winter to try snowshoeing and to get back into cross country skiing which I haven’t done since high school.

How do you make your workouts more enjoyable?

  • Emma Finlayson
    July 2, 2014 at 8:30 am

    New clothes make working out so much better as does doing something that you like!
    I bought a Jawbone in May and I aim for at least 10000 steps per day. It means that I am moving more even if I am not “working out”
    xo Emma

    • Jane the torontoShopoholic
      July 2, 2014 at 8:48 am

      such a good idea. moving more without knowing you are working out exactly is great!

  • Lana
    July 3, 2014 at 1:57 am

    Great tips! Cute clothes definitely make the workout more fun!