Building a Remixable Work Wardrobe Part 4; Remixing Lessons

January 26, 2014

The art of remixing is really easier than it seems. It is easier of course if you have items that all pair together well giving you many more possibilities of what tops go with what bottoms.

In fact outfit remixing allows you to have many outfits with not that many different pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

What is outfit remixing? It is a term used alot by bloggers (and the fashion industry?) to describe the mixing and matching of tops, bottoms, jackets and accessories to create different outfits.

remix work outfits, mix and match outfits, work wardrobeBlazer/Trousers/Skirt/White blouse/Wine blouse/Printed blouse/Tie Blouse/Jacket/Trousers

Even if you only had one pair of black pumps these 9 pieces give you a total of 20 work outfits; that is enough for 4 weeks of work! Now I bet that you have more than 9 items in your work wardrobe right now but chances are you wear the same shirt with the same pants or skirt every week.

You  might even stare at your closet thinking you have nothing to wear. Maybe it is more that you are bored with what you are doing week in and week out with your clothes.Try mixing it up by using a different blouse with your black pants, try mixing prints or something different for a change.

If you are building a work wardrobe from scratch this gives you hope that you really can get away with very little in the beginning and build your wardrobe strategically.

See how much more bang for your buck you get out of the blazer than the blouse?

I was a sucker buying new tops for a new look when a new jacket can create so much more versatility. Same with bottoms; assuming you have 3-4 tops in your wardrobe already, new trousers or skirts are going to create more outfits than a new blouse.

one dress 2 ways, what to wear with yellowDress/Outfit 1: Jacket/necklace/shoes/Outfit 2: Jacket/Necklace/belt/Shoes

Dresses are fantastic. They easy in that you just have one piece to put on, but in remixing terms they give you less flexibility to create more outfits. Dresses are a distinct item that is unlikely to go undetected worn multiple times in a week. Even a simple black sheath is going to be recognized as your black dress no matter how you style it.

Plus in order to create a new look around a dress you must rely on jackets or cardigans, necklaces, scarves, belts and shoes (completer pieces) for remixing.

So what does that mean? It means that a dress is best added to a wardrobe after you have the basics. After you have blazers and sweaters to complete the look, otherwise you will be stuck with a dress you can only wear one way. Or building a wardrobe around 1 dress instead of finding a dress that fits your wardrobe. In fact that brings up a key component of building a remixable wardrobe.

You need to shop with the other items of your closet in mind. Ask yourself will this go with at least 3 things in my closet? If this isn’t a consideration you will keep building mini wardrobes that do not interact with one another limiting your outfit mix-ability.

Being able to remix your wardrobe makes it grow without having to buy any new items. Want more ideas on how to remix different items in your wardrobe? Check out what I am remixing HERE.

What is your favourite remixing trick?