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Fair Isle Sweaters Reinvented

December 6, 2013

fair isle sweaterpictures sourced from Le Catch & the Satorialist

Lately Fair Isle sweaters feel as though they have been reinvented from preppy stuffiness to easy going cool. I don’t know who to blame for making the classic knit new again? JCREW? Hipsters who make everything retro hip again? Whomever is to blame I am liking it.

Stay away from cardigan versions. Somehow they still scream button down housewives as opposed to easy going hip.

Fair Isle is a traditional style of knitting that originated in Scotland (the Shetland islands to be specific) but it didn’t gain popularity until the 1920’s when the then Prince of Wales (later Edward the VIII) wore a Fair Isle tank in public.

For me I had a mint green Fair Isle sweater in the 1980’s that either my mom or grandmother knit for me. It is one of those sweaters I wish I had today for my kids. I was inspired by my own sweater (last seen here) to pit this round up together.

fair isle sweaters, nordic sweaterShop the Fair Isle Sweaters:

1. Handknit Fair Isle sweater

2. Crewneck Fair Isle Sweater

3. Milly Speckled Fair Isle Sweater

4. Boden Fair Isle Sweater

5. Joie Deedra Fair Isle Sweater

6. Von Trapp Fair Isle cashmere sweater

7. Topshop Peacock Fair Isle Knit Sweater also found here.

8. Old Navy Womens Fair Isle Sweaters – Crimson and clover

9. Coincidence & Chance Bright Fair Isle Sweater

How would you wear these fun Fair Isle sweaters? I personally love the way the ladies in the pictures above styled them; one with wide leg jeans the other with slouchy boyfriend denim. Both come off effortless.

I wouldn’t do a necklace with this type of sweater as it would take away from the beautiful knit. Instead if you want to do some statement jewellery do earrings, or push up your sleeves to reveal an arm party. Or just go with stacked rings instead.

More options below: