#thewaywewear Print Mixing

May 26, 2013

Print Mixing is something that has been popular on the runways and in street style for a few seasons now. It has evolved from wearing a leopard print shoe with a floral dress or mixing stripes with pretty much any other print to bolder combinations.

print mixing


While print mixing is not for the faint of heart, especially when you are doing the all over print mix, it can lead to friends wondering the secret to your bold look.

While sometimes you just have to go with your gut there are some rules of thumb when it comes to mixing prints.

Stripes pretty much go with anything. Same with camouflage and leopard print. All of these read as a neutral.

When pairing two bolder prints keep them within the same colour family, or start with one print and pick one of the colours within that print to pick your second.

Also try and have one larger print and one smaller one. That way from further away the smaller print fades away.

Personally most of my print mixing involves stripes and florals. Seems to be the most natural combination. Share your print mixing skills below.

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