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3 fun uses for a multi-tasking hair clip

May 10, 2012

I was in at Anthropologie the other day and I have a hard time as it is walking out of that store empty-handed let alone when there are sparkly things calling my name.

This hair clip was no exception. But since I rarely if ever wear hair clips (although I am vowing that I should) I had to think of some other uses for this gorgeous, sparkly and sort of boho barette.

other uses for hair clips

1. Use a Hair Clip as a Broach.

use a hair clip as a broach

Much like as shown in the picture I clipped this barette onto my jacket this morning and used it as a brooch. This particular hair clip doesn’t have a clasp but is more just the clamp style so it worked easily without having to attach it to a button-hole.

2. Use a Hair Clip as a Shoe Clip

hair clip as a shoe clip

Ok so these slip on shoes don’t exactly need to be glitzed out but aren’t they even more fun with the shoe clip? I seriously was totally ignorant of shoe clips until my wedding but they are a fun way to add sparkle in a non permanent way.

Keep this in mind, you need to do this with a fairly plain shoe. If there is something already on the face of the shoe pick another pair.

3. Use a Hair Clip as a Belt Buckle.

Use a Hair Clip as a Belt Buckle

Don’t be fooled, the hair clip can’t replace the belt buckle but take a plain belt and add sparkle and fun, just like in the last two examples.

My picture above only partially illustrates what I am talking about. In fact you might say, Jane that looks more like a button cover to me; which is where I was going to take this originally. But hear me out.

The waistline of the jacket is defined much like it has a belt. And instead of the same buttons as on every other hole, I thought the hair clip added more of a belt buckle effect. And then I thought hey, you could just clip this onto a skinny belt too! Note that you would want the belt to be fairly skinny and the buckle to be fairly simple for this to work.

How else would you wear this barette?

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